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That X2/50 engine/gearbox earth strap - again..
Posted: 29 July 2020 10:07 PM
Subject: RE: That X2/50 engine/gearbox earth strap - again..

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We have a Fiat X250 based mhome that started to exhibit the locked immobiliser dashboard light and engine dead as a dodo. This was after nine years plus of no problems.

How true it was but I was told by my local garage that some makes of car start this behaviour when the battery is starting to go faulty.

My vehicle battery was over nine years old, maintained on a maintenance charger and never had a failure on starting, with nothing below a 12.4 volt on the habitation display.

I fitted a new battery , and no sign of the dash light appearing on startup.

Although there seems to be enough power in the battery to start the engine, I think the problem with a voltage drop as the ecu goes through its start up checks, the voltage drops and the ecu ,for some reason, comes up with this immobiliser signal.

If the battery has any age to it, or is low charged, maybe worth investing a new battery.. I got mine, web order from Tayna . Arrived in 24 hours, securely packed.

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