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  1. John52


    Yes And Sunak gave Covid Bounceback loans to some of these fake businesses
  2. John52


    Thanks You have to be very careful when there is even a slightly different name Some firms have gone bust to evade their debts, and set up again with a slightly different name. Very easy to set up a company in UK apparently Costs only £12 with no checks made, Supposedly to help people set up a legitimate business Unfortunately it helps the scammers set up one too
  3. John52


    Where are they? Their website just says 'South Yorkshire' Their Reghistered Offices is claimed to be Unit 1D Shortwood Way Hoyland Barnsley South Yorkshire But I have just been along there with Google Maps. Most of it looks like private housing, nowhere the sort of place that could harbour all the motorhomes they claim to have
  4. Interesting discussion going on in the FT about insurers finances with a graph showing record underwriting losses in UK (tried to post it here but can't due to different format) Someone may quote cheaper because they are under estimating the risk And yet - it isn't happening across the channel An 82 year old in Germany is paying 600 Euros per month for comprehensive cover on a Porsche cayenne ! Doesn't seem to be just one thing causing it but a combination.
  5. Good point yes Never really sure with grass or beaches because I can't see whats underneath, how hard it is, or any bad patches. I only go on when I know there is someone there to tow me off - like at the steam fairs where the organisers have a 4x4 on hand for anyone that gets stuck.
  6. If you are stuck you might consider letting the tyres down to about 20psi until you get away Lower tyre pressure = more surface area of tyre on the ground, spreading the load like your tyre mats.
  7. Just read that UK motor insurers suffered their second consecutive year of significant underwriting losses in 2023, Their 'net combined ratio' — claims and costs as a percentage of premiums — was 112.8 per cent, according to the latest figures from consultancy EY, the worst result since 2011. Anything above 100 per cent represents an underwriting loss. The figure in 2022 was 111.1 per cent. So it looks like even more prices on the way, to be amplified by the insurance premium stealth tax.
  8. Watts = Volts x Amps so yes that sounds about right except there will be losses in the inverter making it 7 - 8 Ah. So its do-able but I wouldn't run a kettle off a battery because it uses so much power that could be saved for something else.
  9. good link Derek My experience is that by the time you feel the floor getting soft its worse than it looks and a shock when you lift the vinyl and see how far it has spread I wouldn't like to give an estimate either, because as shown in the video if the rot had extended any further under the wall it would be a very big job. Far bigger than the soft patch in the floor suggested.
  10. Just an idea - if you have got an X2/50 that came with a lock cylinder in the back door you could make them far more secure by disconnecting it. My X2/90 came with only one lock cylinder on the drivers door. So you can only open the front doors with the key, but once you are in you can press the button on the dashboard to open the others.
  11. I have used containers of ad-blu years out of date with no issues The main ingredient (urea) loses about half its strength over 30 years. So old ad-blue may lead to slightly higher emissions, - no manufacturer can say thats ok (think of the PR) so they have to say don't use it Even though chucking it and buying fresh causes higher emissions elsewhere because of the fossil fuels burned to produce ad-blu.
  12. Manufacturers like Fiat do not recommend additives My Fiat Ducato 2.3 does about 350 miles per litre of ad-blu, it varies with the type of driving like fuel consumption. I always fill it to the top - but I have enlarged the vent holed in the cap because ab-blu, unlike fuel, is likely to dry out in the vent hole and block it - especially if you fill it to the top like I do. This has been known to cause a collapsed and leaking tank.
  13. Should say on the tyres what load they will carry but I am sure they will be ok for your van. There has been much speculation as to why manufacturers market tyres as so-called camping tyres Is it just a way to charge more? Like medicine manufacturers have marketed so-called childrens medicine at higher price. You can see from the PL (product licence) number on the bottle its the same stuff as adult medicine. But they know mums will pay more for their kids medicine than they would for their own. Rather like motorhome owners might pay more for tyres than van owners.
  14. I had similar form on the bathroom silicone I put around my leaking windscreen. Shifted it with strong thick bleach - just paint it on with a paintbrush and let the rain rinse it off. May take a couple of applications unless you use the extra strong premium thick bleach, which typically contains about 5 times as much active ingredient. It didn't damage anything on the bodywork, and being up on the windscreen it was out of the way. You would have to be careful with it down there though - obviously you wouldn't want it on your pets, legs, clothes, etc But the same goes for any chemical strong enough to shift that.
  15. I think its one of those things on some vehicles that you have to brute force pull it apart, hope nothing breaks, and deal with it if it does. (Like the plastic clips holding the trim panels.) Hopefully it only breaks the fuse.
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