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Guess the object


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Guest Le Thou


You trying to get sick before sleep .Or something to make you sick to go to sleep BCSD ...Is Nob a swear word ? How about Nob Jockey.


ROTFLMAO It a wonder he can type rotf

Well if the machine lets me publish it its obviously not ,If it dont then i will get my answer .


Just about to push the button here goes's will it be offical




It's offical the a**e is a Nob Jockey also ROTF keep taking the pills

I can't stand up for laughing


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Whitehall - 2008-07-26 11:13 PM


Michele, This is my first post and so be gentle with me. Just wanted to see what my Avatar looks like !


Is it a spoon ?


hi whitehall - I don't understand this game - but I do like your pic - must say it doesn't look much like a spoon to me :D ;-)


welcome to the mad house



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