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Goldfish/Morgan Stanley Mastercard


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Just for information of anyone out there, especially long terming abroad, The above credit card is about to become a Barclaycard from 21st of September. I realise anyone in the UK will have had the letter explaining this, but if you are out of the country you may not.


From that date your Goldfish/Morgan Stanley card will become useless and not accepted anywhere. You will need to have a Barclaycard instead. They will be sending them out nearer that date. I have spoken to Morgan Stanley and they say there is nothing they can do to get the cards out earlier, neither can you speak to Barclaycard as you won't have a card number yet!


They told me that if you are abroad and your card runs out then you will have to find the nearest Barclaycard office, or ring their emergency card action line to get an emergency card sent out to you and no we don't have the number, it will be in the card information pack you get with the card!


We only use our credit card abroad as an emergency so hopefully won't need it, but you know what "SODS law" is like!

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