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Looking help on road/tunel on E09


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Hi John,


The E9 C16 road from Andorra to Barcelona is toll free. All the toll motorways in Spain are signed AP.


On the Toulouse to Foix autoroute A66 there could be a toll but you could use the N20 which will take you to Andorra.


Enjoy your trip.



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The road is fairly good no problems but try and avoid the weekends as many Spaniards do their shopping in Andorra. Be prepared to get checked by the customs as you enter Spain from Andorra. We have been turned over a few time over the years by French and Spanish customs.


The tunnel is the Cadi about 3 miles long and at an altitude of 1200 metres about 4000 ft. There's a toll of about €8 to €10 the roads are very good. It's a few years since we used the route but I remember it was a pleasant ride down to Berga.



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Hya John -


Just been up that way (on the bike, rather than in the MH) on a tour from our home on the Costa Blanca, only two weeks ago.


I can report that the road from Andorra south into Spain and down towards Barcelona is really fantastic, and very MH friendly.

Scenery is absolutely beautiful.


The long tunnel (5 or 6 kms long?) that you go through heading south, not long after you leave Andorra and entering Spain, cost us €8.45 on the motorbike. I think cars and light commercials (single rear axle) pay about €10 now.


Snows tend to come in the Andorra region after Christmas rather than before. It would be HIGHLY unlikely for there to be any snow at all there in November.



One tip: whether you smoke or not, do buy your allowance (300 per person) of ciggies in Andorra....for top brands they cost about €1.20 per packet.

Either flog them back in the UK, or in Spain.....anyone (Really! Anyone, including even local Police!) in Spain will buy them off you for maybe €2.50 per packet.

There's what looks like quite a good campsite only just the Spanish side of the border (on the right side, alongside the very pretty river that runs down the valley for many miles once you've left Andorra), and I believe that what a number of people do is keep popping back over the border several times, bringing out the 300 per-person ciggie allowance each time (plus the booze allowance), and flogging them on the Spanish side at a very healthy profit.

Technically re-selling is a bit naughty, but the allowance is PER VISIT, so the border people really don't care....and everyone does it here.


Also Andorra town is biker paradise in terms of clothing, helmets, gloves etc etc. There are literally dozens of big shops there selling nothing but this type of gear, at REALLY low prices. Electronic goods are also VERY cheap there.









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