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Speed Ferries from Dover

bertie burstner

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Checking next years price structures it seems that Speed Ferries has gone into receivership from early November and is up for Sale.

On the LD lines site they are listing Dover / Boulogne commencing 1st July.

Looks like a sale has taken place.

Brittany Ferries out of Portsmouth still have no serious competition and the prices reflect this. June sailings £350 - £380 return to Caen.£850 to get to Santander and back.

Sea France to Calais return £65 day sailing.

Norfolk line to Dunkerque at night £30 return.

6.5m by 3.0m plus two oldies.

Good sailing


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I'm doubtful that there's a connection between LD Lines' July 2009 Dover-Boulogne route and Speedferries' closedown. LD Lines announced their new sevice at the start of October, whereas Speedferries was still operating at the beginning of November. The latest press-release suggests that a buyer of the Speedferries business has yet to be found.



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Be very careful when quoting prices for Norfolk Lines. At the moment they are applying a £4 fuel surcharge each way, despite the fact that fuel prices are declining. They also add a £30 surcharge if your MH is over 6 meters in length, things are starting to add up a bit! The original £22 quoted is now up to £60 for my van plus £30 for the dog which, for looking in her passport and running a scanner over her, is getting quite expensive.
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