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Permanent site in Spain


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*-) Hi, can any help, we are thinking of buying a caravan with awning for Kitchen & lounge on the EXCALIBUR site ouside Benidorm, we know its had some bad press in the past, but are told its under new management and improved greatly, any-one got any information, we know the area as we have motorhome and visit the area often, or could any-one suggest nice site for permanent use, in Costa Blanca, ? ;-)
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Hi - Excalibur is not the best appointed site in the Benidorm area. Purely personal opinion....other posters may well have a different view.


If there's any chance, I'd strongly advise you to try to pop over and have a good look round all the Benidorm surrounds sites, and indeed at Benidorm itself, before you make a decison.....especially if you are looking at a " permanent" pitch.

Also because there seem to be no end of caravans on "permanent" pitches always for sale on all of them...so you can see what else you could get for your money.


Couple of other thoughts:


If you do decided to buy, do get ALL the details on the caravan, its frame number etc, and get it checked out by the Police back in the UK before you part with any money.

There have been two Police operations just this past 6 months or so from the UK, to do checks on caravans on sites in Benidorm, and both found a very large number that had previously been stolen in the UK (sometimes many years previously), then towed down to here and then sold on to unsuspecting people.

In such a case, the Police impound the caravan, take if from you, and return it to its original owner. You get nothing.


The other thing is that the regional Government in Valencia is cracking down hard on caravan sites throughout the region.

Reason is that there is no such thing as a "permanent" caravan pitch, despite what anyone will tell you to the contrary. All are supposed to be temporary/seasonal. You are only renting a space.....legally on a per-night basis I believe, although the sites owner is probably very happy to take a years worth of rent of you at a time.

The local papers have been saying that over the past few months they are therefore now enforcing the removal of any other structures that people who rent such pitches long term have put up: gardens, walls, sheds etc.


You might want to check this out on any site that you are thinking of buying a caravan on, with a solicitor who understands Spanish and Valencian Communidad law, before you buy/sign anything.










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:-D thanks bruce for all the info, you may recall we spook b4, on here, when I was looking to buy at Balcon La Finistrat, I am aware of the pitfallls, and in fact considered buying on EL Raco, but there policy is, that you must remove van and awaning for seven days and return as new client and wait for permanent site, after 30 days. I understand why the government are clamping down, its to stop people applying for residency, but we are just looking for a base, where family can catch up with us. I think Excalibur is out of the question. We will be in the area again in 4 weeks or so, to have a good look round, then we will make up our mind on caravan or small apartment, the euro puts us off buying anything at the moment. *-)
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