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Hi Guy's havin a great time . weather aint so good but who cares .

Havin a problem finding a supermarket here but we will survive find it real strange that you can drive for miles and can't seem to see anything.

Heading back towards Brugge tomorrow had enough of Amsterdamm now been getting the tram in to town real fun on the tram. :D

Will try to post some piccys if I dont loose the connection when the person who is paying the bill logs off . Been to see the Windmills today and had a good time there looking at all the handmade cloggs.

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michele - 2008-11-19 5:32 PM


bob b - 2008-11-19 5:16 PM


Purely from idle curiosity Michele.........got any pictures of the red light district ?


What do you think I'm doing here Bob I can't take piccys and work :D


I thought all you girls could multi-task! :D

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Saw the lollies but not for me knowing my luck I would be sick :D

so funny watching Tv last night I watched Fools & hoses the one where he smuggles Diamonds from Amsterdam :D I only mentioned it yesterday to hubby and it was on tv how bizarre. :D Loads of chockys in Brugge and loads of fun what ever the weather glad to see everyones in fine fekkle on ear :D

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