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Hi Vic -


I'm no expert on the Algarve area, have only been over there twice from our home here in Spain, but we did very much like Albufiera (spelling?), which is pretty near to Faro airport.


Not actually on the coast itself, but very close.

Kathy's Dad had a holiday flat there for many years (he sold it about 2 years ago though).

On both occasions we stayed there, it had a lovely villagy feel, nice and quiet, not built-up; and a stones-throw to the coast with very nice beaches and coves.


But there are sure to be other posters along shortly who will have much more knowledge of the region.........




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Hi Vic,

          I'd recommend a beautiful little fishing village called Salema, situted in the south western corner of the Algarve. The village is west of the large town called Lagos.  There is a particularly nice hotel in the village centre...which I can't remember the name of !....and a couple of excellent restaurants right overlooking the beach.

The fishermen beach their boats in the morning and sort the catch. I used to enjoy a coffee in the restaurant and idle away an hour just watching them work !

There is a nice campsite about one mile away inland owned by a Dutch couple. The site is terraced with good views and has all the usual facilities. The site is called Quinta dos Carricos. If you ring the site they will tell you the name of the hotel or recommend one. Tel 082 69 52 01.

I should mention that the top of the site is naturist and the lower part is clothed...but you don't 'bump into each other', unless you want to of course !

If you want more info, I've got a magazine type guide of the area and a brochure of the campsite I can post to you.

Just PM your address if you want them.

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