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The dog who ate the phone..........


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Nero, a Doberman-Great Dane Crossbreed, found his eyes were bigger then his belly when he snatched a Nokia mobile phone from his owners hand and swallowed it.


The Giant canine, paid the price for his greedy nature, when he was the subject of a major operation leaving him with a large scar and ten stitches on his belly.

Nero’s owner, Marie Matthews 57, for Pretoria, South Africa, told how the dog swallowed the phone just over two weeks ago.

Her daughter, Driekie, was busy feeding Nero when he snatched the phone from her fingers and swallowed it whole.

“ My daughter screamed terribly because we thought Nero would die”, recalled Matthews.

They immediately took him to the Vet’s where the mobile was shown up in an x-ray.


“We were very worried, I couldn’t stopped crying”

“They not only found the phone. But loads of stones,” she added.


The couple had to throw the phone away, as it hasn’t worked since Nero tucked into it.


They were glad to have him back home, “he’s is my life, like one of my children, “ said Marie



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