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touring europe/usa


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ernie3636 - 2008-12-07 4:22 PM


considering purchase LHD for the tour but not sure if best to buy uk and ship to usa or purchase usa ship to europe any advise tips helpful inorder to assess feasibilty or is it best to just rent in the usa



Not sure how long you intend to tour in U.S. but have you also considered buying in U.S - touring - then selling in U.S.


I don't know how feasible that is - just putting forward another angle to look at.




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Just to throw another option into the mix.....


Have you considered, for the USA tour, just buying a cheap car once there and using motels, then selling the car before you leave.


Cars really are just incredibly cheap to buy over there second (or 5th!) hand; and there are gazzilions of really cheap (and generally very good) motels absolutely everywhere across the country. Never need to book ahead, just pitch up in anytown late afternoon and check into one of the ones that's there.


If cheapo car dies, just buy another one for a few hundred dollars en route.


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