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looking to rent a residential park home


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Hi Nade


If you click through on this link



You will see a listing for parks that rent in Central South England, which includes 3 parks for Bucks and only 1 for Northants. There really aren't many parks in the UK that rent residential park homes, but hopefully you might find what you are looking for here.


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HI. just to let you know we bought a park home a while ago but have now sold it after paying 10% to the site owner decided that we will never buy another one again, the site owner will not let you rent out the park home to anyone else as we found out when we asked as we had such horrible neighbours we wanted to get from there as much as possible but couldnt rent it out luckily we sold before the credit crunch happened as we probably would still be there. we now live in a motorhome and can choose to change our neighbours daily if we want, which we do on a regular basis!!! :-D :-D
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