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Christmas Pantomime

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Guest Tracker

The dictionary definition of pantomime is ' dumb show, dramatic Christmas entertainment based on traditional fairy tale'


Which leads very nicely to this years Panto theme -


Rupert the Bear.


As the title role is already accounted for by his Pompousness RGS - it just has to be as he fits two of the words in the definition - but I mustn't say which ones or he will retort 'Oh no I don't'! To which we all reply.................!


Nominations are required for other key players, namely -


Bill Badger


Algy Pig


Edward Trunk


Pong Ping


Podgy Pig - must be me as I'm too stingy to even lose weight!


What does the team think!

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Tracker - 2008-12-12 7:18 PM


Which is better than an obtuse angle Howie, old timer!


That reminds me of someone who wanted me to contact her once about a parking query .... I think her email addres should have been "angel-face" but unfortunately she'd signed up for an email address of "angle-face" ... I didn't tell her as I really didn't want to embarass her but I wonder if anyone ever did!!! 8-) :D

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