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Manchester congestion charge


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Yep - take my hat of to Mancunians - well done! (and Glasgow before them it seems :-D ) And of course London would have rejected it if they had been given their democratic right to vote on it instead of it being inflicted on them by a car hating leftwing numpty who would not know a sensible policy if it leapt up and bit him in the backside.


Dear old Boris seems far more sensible and pragmatic to me.


Red Ken seemed to be the very worst sort of spin merchant EVER! - In sucking up to the Chinese he even stated that the massacre in Tienerman Square was comparable to our 1990's poll tax riots.




And as soon as a journalist has a go at him, Livingstone reverts to the old lefty party trick of calling all dissenters Nazi's.




Thank God Londoners saw sense and got rid of the plonker. And Thank God as well that everyone has seen the devastating effect on some business' that the Congestion charge and ill thought out idiot taxes like the LEZ are having and vote against these idiotic plans when there towns and cities say "Ooow! - Now there is a good idea to raise more tax!"


Damn well done Manchester

(lol) (lol) (lol)

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Here in Shropshire, we went through this palava when they wanted to put a congestion charge on travelling into Shrewsbury.


No-one could understand why - there is no congestion! When I'm there, I can leave at 5pm and drive straight out of the town with hardly a queue in sight.


The council spent £10,000's of pounds on feasibility studies >:-(


In edit: The council spent £2m on the studies!!! >:-( >:-(

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