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Internet Explorer users

Mick H.

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I too have "Automatic Updates" set to "Yes", and thus get all such patches installed immediately they are released.


It would seem sensible to me to suggest you check your "Updates" setting and switch it to "Yes" if you've not already done so.

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You may be living in a fools paradise if you think that having autoupdates enabled will keep you protected.


Microsoft cannot update everyone at the same time, it is simply impossible, there is a rota system in use.


If you want to be sure of getting anything urgent straight away then you need to check manually (this enables you to 'jump the queue').


Also automatic updates are for security issues only, they do not include all the useful 'optional' updates. You need to take the 'custom' tab for these when manually visiting the Microsoft Update website.



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Soz, but I didn't say at all (or mean to imply) that simply having Auromatic Updates set to "Yes" would fully protect my PC.


It's of course only one of a large number of things that user should (IMHO) be doing to keep their PC's protected.

But it seems to me that not doing so is (unless you have a good reason not to have automatic updates switched on) daft.




(As an aside, I've just looked, and both our PC's here have already been updated overnight with the Microsoft Internet Explorer patch) :-D


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