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Merry Christmouse!


T’was the night before Christmas

And all through the house

Nothing was stiring

Not even a mouse

But out in the motorhome

The mice were at play

As they hung from the cupboards

And from the curtains did sway


They were having a party

With lots of great food

Sweets hidden in lockers

Waiting to be chewed

The crackers and cheese

Tubs of relish and dip

A nice Christmas feast

With posh brandy to sip


Whilst high in the luton

The ‘pups’ were asleeping

But one little chap,

Wide awake was akeeping

A watch through the window

With big open eyes

As the snow kept on falling

“So lovely” he sighs


Then all of a sudden

Something was moving

He squinted to see

As the figure came looming

The thing was quite strange

Dressed in red suit

Trimmed with white fur

On each foot a boot


A monster! He squeaked

And started to shiver

His bottom lip

Was all of a quiver

His Dad came running

What’s all the fuss?

Is it next door’s

Great nasty old puss?


Too scared to speak

Pip could only point out

The thing in the garden

That was stomping about

After seeing the sight

Dad thought for a while

Then turned to young Pip

And gave a big smile


It’s not a monster

So don’t you be scared

You remember the stories

And tales that you’ve heard

Of the kindly old creature

Who visits each house

And leaves lot of presents

That’s Father Christmouse!




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