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middle class motorhomers?


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was motorhoming a middle class pursuit, and been taken over by the working class




do working class people (who think above their station) just appoint themselves middle class even though they are actually working class?





do people want to distance themselves from the underclass that have latched onto the term working class






all of above (lol)





at some point the middle classes have to sell their motorhome to a working class person as they (the vans) get too old and cheap to be seen driven by a middle class person, therefore its the middle classes fault for selling them to us (lol)




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Some might argue the pecking order is Motorhomes, the aristocracy, caravans, middle class and aspirant, skilled working class and tents working class. I couldn't possibly comment on such a view............


Actually, joking apart, I have always thought that one of the great things about our hobby is that it is essentially classless. In the manner of Forest Gump's box of chocolates, as your new site neighbour's vehicle approaches you have no idea what you are going to get.


I like to just take people as I find them and be genial. I have rarely been disappointed but when I have, the big plus with a motorhome is that with 5 minutes prep and the turn of a key, one is mobile again.


Happy Xmas all.



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handyman - 2008-12-24 8:11 AM

at some point the middle classes have to sell their motorhome to a working class person as they (the vans) get too old and cheap to be seen driven by a middle class person, therefore its the middle classes fault for selling them to us (lol)


And then at some point it is so old it is brought by the upper class :D



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Guest Tracker

I find that generally speaking - but not always - folks with older vans are more inclined to chat and be friendly than those with expensive new and especially very large vans?


I grew up on a council estate and started married life with nowt - not even a job or a car - so I would never see myself as anything other than an average bloke with no egotistical claims to any perceived class.


Neither do I see anyone else I come across as inferior or superior to me in any way - but standards and integrity do vary whatever the background and these do have an impact on how I see people.

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If you are middle class your motorhome has to be taller than a working class motorhome so that you can look down on the working classes and they can look up to you. If you were upper class you motorhome would have to be taller still so that you can look down on both the middle and working classes and they can look up to you (lol)

(apologies to Cleese, Corbett and Barker!)



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We're obviously different then! We have a newish van - 2 years old in Feb next year, but we quite happily chat to anyone with a motorhome, or, dare I say it ... caravanners! ;-) My boss is a caravanner and was taking the mickey out of me the other day for not being in the Caravan Club anymore as I couldn't benefit by being able to book the sites - he said he wasn't bothered though as I'm only a 'motorhome owner' and he doesn't care about those ... I retorted that he might change his tune when his car got stuck in the mud in his big saloon car with caravan in tow and I'll go sailing past waving to him quite happily in my twin RWD motorhome with traction control!!! :D


I was brought up on a council estate - and so that you can decide what 'class' I am, I'll tell you I was born in a prefab! :D. My husband came from a broken home and his Mum worked extremely hard, doing all manner of jobs, to keep them afloat, when they got a council property they were ecstatic. We haven't had children so its just us and the dogs etc.


We've worked bl**dy hard over the years, have been quite thrifty (not stingy thank you!) and that is why we can now afford to own the motorhome we have, and the previous ones. We have savings, a property worth a good bit, and are able to contemplate retiring early from work sooner rather than later. Someone at work once commented that we must've had 'family' money in order to have what we have, ie an inheritence or be from a well-off background, he was surprised when he realised we hadn't and had got what we had by our own means - he came from a much more well-off background than us both, but he just spent everything he earned on whatever he felt like at the time so didn't have a penny to his name.


You decide what 'class' I am ... I couldn't give a toss personally!!! :->

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Well-offs are in the middle

And the Workers in the Low

The Crusties in the Upper

In which class should I then go?


I know how to talk quite proper

And scrub up rather well

Though my roots are set in ‘common’

So I don’t know how to tell!


But does it really matter?

After all, who’s kidding who

Class is not that important

It’s what others think of you!


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I was in a childrens home from 6 to 15 years old. Left school to live in a boys hostel. Worked my nuts off all my life to get what I've got now. I was fortunate inasmuch that the girl I fell in love with and married was a Teacher, so had a reasonable income and secure employment. Although I have myself been made redundant several times.

Middle or workingclas? neither. Just someone who got off his a**e and grafted in order to have a decent way of life. :D

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No class have I nor dare to say

What makes me pass this way each day

I camp on sites with not a care

Nor do I mind with whom I share


My roots are wild but ever since

I learned one day I was a Prince

It mattered nowt that I was known

As one who’d sat upon a throne


So far my secret’s undisclosed

For I can choose my style of clothes

There is no class to thee or me

My home is mobile therefore free


So that’s my theme for 2009

Forget the Euro Pound and Dime

Just choose your site in France or where

Be classless too and eat jugged hare



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Well what a nice thread.


I am a working class boy whom married a middleclass lady,


The one thing I hate about our society is that its not classless.

I have been in the houses of the very rich and I mean partied with the likes of the 111 to the throne.

I have met those that have more money than they know what to do with but made it working there gonads off shifting shxt.


Money don't make class, never has and never will. I have motorhomed with very classy people in old old motorhomes. Class is not about money, you can't buy it, it's something some are born in to.


for me I give not a Sxxx whom I motorhome with,, you take me as you find me. or you choose to take me not at all, but it does not prevent me from being friendly to you and your family.


as forme motorhoming is and has become a way of life not just some past time or pursuit. Otherwise why on earth would I be posting this on xmas day at 7.30pm ?

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Think the best thing about the motorhome it does not have class, just people who enjoy the same hobby, if someone is miserable parked by you they are probably like that at home, not a class thing, but have to say the vast majority of people are good humored friendly and just out to relax and have a good time. Some people just have a big opinion of themselves and you get that what ever class they perceive them selves to be.

Like the thread Handyman :-) Carol.

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Well i have been a caravanner for the last 10yrs. who is just about to move into motorhoming.


Was brought up on a council estate.left school at 15 no qualifications.

Worked my butt off,dont have any debt,have a fully paid up house plus two others,had my own business for 12yrs,

Am quite a sexy hunk,stunning looking, speak proper i fink.lol.

Have a fantasic outgoing personallity.my vital stats are

46c36w9........ in a shoe lol


Just a normal common,posh,middle class guy


















:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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no one as mentioned farmers class! fred is good and proper farmers class me ansums. hes well an grumpy and carries a shotgun in is landrover as part of is way of life. is dog is workin class tho, an is not bothered when accused of votin labour. alice is more labour than the mutt - well, labour intensive my luvvers. i suppose that just about sums up the grants for 2009 my biddies.


ps not rich farmer (me vans nearly 20 yers old) just farmin class.



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