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OAL award 2008!


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I know it's many years since I have stayed at Hedra but this statement stunned me

“And because the park is such a huge setting, surrounded by gorgeous countryside, its appeal is also one of calm and tranquillity.”

I 'often' drive past Hendra and "calm and tranquillity" don't come to mind.

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You've read it wrong Colin.




"It's appeal is one of calm and tranquility" really means that on their original assessement, the judges scored the site as a 0/10 for calm and tranquility.

The owners appealed, and the judges reluctantly agreed to increase the score to one out of ten.







Gotta be a noisy place, as "Hedra" is an anagram of "heard". :D

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Guest Tracker

If this refers to the Hendra tourist site near Newquay in Cornwall - this is, or used to be a site used a lot by groups of young people and surfers many of whom have a different perception of peace and tranquility to our own!


It is a very large site with lots of entertainment and it used to have quite a reputation for trouble with regular police intervention.


I have no up to date information and things may have changed and I would not want to malign it unjustly but I would be very wary and research it well first before contemplating staying there in the summer.

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