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Thai's sadness

Thai Bry

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At a very special time - Thai New year - April 13th to 15th, it saddens me to see my fellow countrymen fighting umongst ourselves for a stable government.

As some of you know - i've been involved in fighting for peoples rights in my birth country on different issues- over many years, but it saddens me to see that we are still nowhere near a true democracy.

Whilst people in high positions of power can control the media & the minds of the ordinary country folk through the use of money, then we can never have a satisfactory conclusion.

The "Red shirts" are demonstrating against the current ruling party, as the "Yelow shirts" did only a few months ago. The only difference is due to the people at the heads of the different parties.

Politics in my home country is about power and money and who has the most of each. The people in power do not wish to relinquish their status as that is what it's all about.

Status, power, money, control and abuse of privileges.

My heart and mind is currently with my countrymen, and it seems that what i fought so strongly for - and been criminalised for- when i was a younger person, has not changed in over some 30+ years.

My Yorkshire father gave me values which I combined with my mother's Thai upbringing, but it seems that over the years it is still the poor verses the rich, and as people asscend across these barriers they forget their past and humble beginings.

This really saddens me

A very sad Thai bryhttp://www.outandaboutlive.co.uk/forums/images/emoticons/icon_sad.gifhttp://www.outandaboutlive.co.uk/forums/images/emoticons/icon_sad.gif

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I join you in your sadness Thai.


As Chapman Pincher said, it is the pursuit of power which corrupts rather than power itself. So many people start out with ideals (of whatever flavour) for helping society as a whole and then end up benefitting only themselves.


So often we see protests throughout the world end up in violence and that can never be the answer.





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Must be difficult to watch from afar Brian.


Does seem to be settling down now tho'


I spent some time in Kenya years back and was appalled at the riots there last year. So out of character of Kenya as a country.


Lets hope it all is over soon.

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Oh Thai, just to send you strength and let you know that I am thinking of you...... Before this thread, I did actually think of you when I was watching the news and realising how you must be feeling (as much as I can) when you see the violence. It really is sad and you must not lose hope for the future.


I don't understand the politics in this country so I won't offend you by trying to pretend I understand those in another ... in fact I offended once on a thread on china because I feel so much empathy for the Tibetans .... so I won't go there, but you are in my thoughts. Hugs, Joy

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CliveH - 2009-04-14 4:34 PM Must be difficult to watch from afar Brian. Does seem to be settling down now tho' I spent some time in Kenya years back and was appalled at the riots there last year. So out of character of Kenya as a country. Lets hope it all is over soon.


just to keep things going in peoples minds. I do thank all those that have responded on this unusual thread.

I've been in long conversations with friends & step relations back in Thailand, and things once seem to be calming down, now could explode again with the attempted assinination of the "yellow shirt" leader "Sondhi".

What I'm really afraid of is that we end up fighting amongst ourselves whilst the main sufferers are the people and the country of Thailand.

The "Yellow shirt" followers are made up of academics, royalists, middle class people. etc etc. etc.

The "Red shirt" followers are mainly the followers of the ousted P.M. "Thaksin", who now lives in exile in Hong Kong and is wanted for crimes such as tax eveasion, corruption and also crimes against "human rights".He has a lot of support amongst the poorer people such as, farmers and the lower paid, but ironically also has a following amongst the super rich as he has helped them to further amass their wealth.

Whilst all this is going on, the real sufferer is the nation itself. As Thailand has boomed over the growth years due to the tourist industry. We were once known as the leader of the "Tiger" nations in the far east.

The tourist industry is now seen as the number 1 income earner. There is hardly a family in Thailand that does not have a relation working in this industry & some of the spin offs. Hotel workers, guest house workers, street hawkers, bar workers, laundry service & the list goes on.

When I was growing up it was "Tin mining" - my late father's business - rice export, fruit export, teak furniture,  orchids and very little else.

We are known the world over as "The land of smiles", due to our nature and outlook on life.

Sadly there is little for me to smile about at the moment.

Sorry if I've offended anyone with my ramblings.


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Hi Thai Bry,


I was very saddened to watch the scenes in Bangkok. I've been to Thailand a few times since my first visit in the mid sixties.


We have many happy memories especially the last visit that was over the New Year celebrations, it has to been seen to be believed. We ventured out to the night market in flip flops, shorts and T shirt, they took pity on us as tourists and we only got a token wetting mainly from the children.


We hope things settle down as we are looking forward to paying another visit.



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