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Vehicle Insurance in Turkey


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Help please,

Our insurance company, Safeguard, has just informed us that they will only cover the van for the 'European' side of Turkey and we will have to buy insurance at the border if we want to go over to the Asian side. We're off shortly to spend about a month there.

Anyone any experience or advice on this?

I'm off to look at other companies but thought I'd ask here first.

Thanks in anticipation!

(Are you out there, Don?!)

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Hi Judy,


You can buy third party cover at the border I'm trying to check the cost on one of the Turkish forums I'm a member of.


Have you checked with Safeguard that their cover is fully comp or third party (?)


Comfort insurance will issue a green card (fully comp) for the whole of Turkey.


A three month personal visa costs £10 per person. An English (they will not accept Scottish notes) £10 note is required and must be in good condition with no writing on it (I kid you not).


There is no charge the customs document to import the vehicle for six months (I'm at a loss to understand why a vehicle gets a six month visa

and a personal visa is for three months). The Vehicle Registration Document and a valid Green Card or locally bought insurance are required to enter Turkey.


A point worth noting is the vehicle details are entered in the drivers

passport and under normal circumstances the driver will not be able to leave Turkey without the vehicle.


Make sure your Vehicle or Travel Insurance will cover the Duty/Customs Bond if you are taken ill and have to fly home or the vehicle is written off in an accident or such like.


If you need any more info get back to me.




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Safeguard have now sent us a green card with Turkey written on it but are insistent it only means the European side of Turkey 'because all our cover is just for Europe'. Plus Morrocco - don't ask!

Comfort told us about a short-term insurance company but that didn't cover Turkey either so the choice is to abandon Safeguard and go with Comfort, or just go on the third party at the border.

The vehicle bond is sorted though through our travel/medical insurance.

Thanks for your help Don.

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