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Southern Italy


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We're thinking of going to Southern Italy forthe winter. Can anyone give us some good tips and advice, sites etc and any driving conditions I should know about.

I'm new to this message board so hello everybody. Bye the way we are caravanners having returned from Motorhoming


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Hi there


We have been to the south of Italy many times but mainly during the summer months.

Are you wanting some sunshine when you go?

Although nothing like here it can be cold (with snow!) during the winter although does have some nice days with sunshine.


We go to Puglia as my family live there but we have travelled to different areas in Italy.

Its a lovely place to go especially for the cappucino!

The drivers are crazy and follow no rules but as long as you go with caution you will be fine!


Some knowledge of the Italian lingo will also be useful.


Have fun and enjoy!

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