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Sites open Christmas/New Year.


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sunnyjim - 2009-08-27 1:42 PM


Offering catering packing . Must allow dogs. Early but want to book before going to France.Sunnyjim.


I take it you are meaning in the UK and just want to book before your holiday?


If so as previously posted, the CC or C &CC have sites open all year

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sunnyjim - 2009-08-28 1:10 PM thanks, but want site offering some meals. sunnyjim.


Not quite on site catering, but there is a lovely village pub about a quarter of mile down the road offering very good meals & reasonable prices.

We've stayed here a few times and it is a very quiet site - adults only - dogs allowed, there is also a lovely conservation area at the bottom of the hill which is part of the site. Small wooded area and this year some otters have been seen in and around the woods.

Here's the link:-


Popular site, so does get booked up early. They offer a christmas lunch on site as well.

Hope this helps.



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