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Red Kites Feeding


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We just got back from a week in mid-Wales. Fabulous weather and a really brilliant week off.


We spent a couple of days at Gigrin Farm where they feed the Red Kites at 3pm every day and for a small fee you can photograph them from a hide.


I'm happy to provide the location and web site link should anyone want to get up there for some amazing photography.


This is what I shot:-















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colin - 2009-09-13 8:13 PM You took a lot better photo's than we managed too. This is best gf got :-(

Oh I had quite a few of those Colin.  The little blighters move so quickly its quite difficult to get them framed quickly enough.  I was using a fast shutter speed and the weather appeared to have been much better than on the day you went.


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Hymer C 9. - 2009-09-13 6:32 PM Brilliant pictures Way-2-Go sounds like you had a good break. Carol.

Yes it was brilliant Carol.  We had a few days close to the Black Country Museum - which was very interesting - then a couple of days at Gigrin Farm followed by a couple of days at an undisclosed location which is already difficult to get in to without more people knowing about it ;-)  So that puppy is gonna be kept as a secret.


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Driving down the road and watched a kite drop down towards the opposite carriage way. Luckily he changed his mind, else the car he had just flown over, would have driven over him.


I bet the driver of that car had a surprise as the bird only just cleared his windscreen on the way down ......from behind. 8-) What do you mean "Duck!" That wasn't a duck.



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We've stayed at Grigrin farm couple of times, last time week leading up to easter it was wet and we had to park next to barn at top of field, no problem, but we wanted to fill tank on early start, no chance as tap was at bottom of field. Also wanted to empty waste tank but drain was behind that fence.
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