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Leisure batteries


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The leisure batteries on my Murvi Morello are on their last legs and I'm looking to replace them. There was some discussion on this forum about leisure batteries some time ago but i'm damned if I can find it.

My current batteries are Elecsol and I seemed to remember there being a number of points made for and against these, so I'd like to review my options before I spend a couple of hundred pounds.

Thanks in anticipation. (?)

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Advice 1 would be to check that the charger is working properly. Get the battery terminal voltage checked after the van has been on hookup overnight. Has the electrolyte level in the cells ever been checked and topped up with de-ionised water if necessary?


Advice 2 would be not to spend 100,s of pounds. Elecsol are carbon fibre technology wet electrolyte lead acid batteries. Only purchase more Elecsols if you regularly intend to abuse your batteries. Carbon fibre technology batteries are better equipped to tolerate regular deep discharges. If you are more sensible with battery usage then get a good conventional leisure or "deep cycle" battery for much less money.


Advice 3 would be to consider a couple of 6 volt golf cart batteries and connect them in series. These are deep cycle batteries and given a choice connecting two 6 volt batteries in series ensures balanced charging and discharging. It also removes the possibility of high circulating currents should one cell of a parallel pair go short circuit.


Take care






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Thank you for your comments gents.


My battery charger is in good order and the batteries are now fully topped up. The problem is that they are not holding their charge with the voltage droping to just over 12volts; they have gone below that, but seem to be holding up at the moment.


I think the blame may been mine in that I left it too long without replenishing them with distilled water. Brought on by the fact that they are located under the front driving seat which is an awkward/heavy job to take off to gain access.

So be it, thanks for you thoughts.


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