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Campsites for anglers

Guest Peter Sharpe

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Guest Peter Sharpe

I am trying to compile a up-to-date list of recommended campsites with on-site fishing facilities. I would be grateful if you could email me with any recommendations, so that I can follow them up and categorise them.

I am really looking for independent sites where you can pitch your caravan or motorhome within a short distance of the banks of either a river, lake or pond. A site next door to a fishing venue could qualify, as long as the fishing is avilable to all-comers on a daily basis - i.e. not syndicated.

Independent recommendations would be nice, although site owners are more than welcome to send in their details, especially if it is a new site that we might not have heard of.

Send any info to peters@warnergroup.co.uk
If they look really good, I will try to find time to follow them up myself :-)

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