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House Insurance.


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I know that it's been discussed in the past but I think that it may be useful to highlight once again how much can be saved by a phone call.

Our current buildings and contents insurance is with Direct Line and is due for renewal early December.

Cost this year is £204 for a 4 bedroomed detached, £1m rebuilding, £50k contents plus accidental damage, personal posessions etc, each with a small excess. "Automatic" renewal notice came today stating "you don't need to do anything, if you are happy with next years quote of £275 we will deduct from your card within 7 days of renewal."

I thought that this increase was a bit steep and applied online for a quote from Tesco, exactly the same cover and excess - £194.

Telephoned Direct Line and explained that I didn't wish to renew in December, very polite lady asked if I could wait while she made some checks, after a couple of minutes she said that because we hadn't made any claims she could offer a 40% reduction if we stayed with them, result new quote of £165, she also suggested that in future we should contact them at renewal time to ensure that we received their best offer. 

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Which just made me think .


When we buy products such as Mobiles and driers and the like we are always asked do you need insurance .


My son wanted a i phone 389 I paid he got it last Xmas not so long ago he got kicked by a horse smashing his leg and making light of the phone in his pocket . Obviously no I didnt take the insurance out because we have things like this written into the policy house insurance .


I phoned Direct line and told them the story they are sending a claims form out , I amnot sure what it is we have to do and how it will pan out but so far so good.


Dont take out the silly insurances the ones that sell you insurance to cover your insurance mad world . Make sure you check your home contents policy and see waht you are coverde for on your home insurance .

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