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Any one suffering from Mould?


We have owned our Park Home from New since September 2007. Over the last 6 months we have found mould appearing on the inside of he exterior walls that have an object against the wall. Cabinets, bookcases and housing for the electric cabinet.


Has anyone else had this problem and how did you eradicate it?


any information would be greatly accepted.


Many Thanks


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My husband + I have a similar problem *-) we recently brought an older second hand park home its 20 years old, and in one room in particuler (The bedroom) on the interior outside walls in the mornings the walls are extremly moist so is the ceiling, and we have built in units which are that wet and mildew we cant keep clothes in them :-( . we are double glazed and have central heating but our roof is pitched felt with i guess very little insulation same with exterior walls *-) from the info we have had from some of the park home refurb services most of them say we possibly have either a ventilation or insulation prob so maybe thats something to look in to yourselves but surely your home must have a warrenty that makes the builders responsible for making any wrong right ;-) .
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