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Rained Off !!


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Got home from work tonight and picked up a message from C&CC Derwent Water in Keswick - To contact them asap as they have had to cancel our booking for this coming weekend.


It was after closing hours when I picked the message up, so I've not had a chance to speak to them yet.

I know the site is prone to flooding and after yesterday's heavy rain, with the potential for another 6 inches to fall in Cumbria before the weekend, I think I can safely assume the reason behind the cancellation.


I'm off now to attempt to find an alternative venue to fill the following criteria :-


1) No more than 2 hours from Durham,

2) Hardstanding & leccy

3) Within walking distance of good pub,

4) Within walking/cycling distance of outdoor shops,

5) Within walking distance of another pub or three.


Suggestions on a postcard please :-D

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Guest Tracker

If you really do enjoy being piston Blizzard you have my admiration for choosing to do so in the cold days of a Northern November - just watch out that the rain does not turn into your namesake!


Good luck and enjoy!


Useful tip - leave the awning, sun loungers and sunspecs at home and take thigh waders, wet suits and snorkels instead!

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Guest JudgeMental
Mr. Grumpy - 2009-11-18 8:03 PM


We have a forecast for 4 to 5 inches of rain over the next 24 hours. The site at Keswick is right on the lake side so floods very easily but today Appleby was under water and as the ground is waterlogged it ain't going to get any better.


I'll get my coat! :-D



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Derwent-water* C&CC was evacuated last night as a precautionary measure but the river level has gone down by about 2' by this morning. Today has been relatively dry but it started drizzling again late afternoon.


I'd go with the Scotgate option noted above. It was completely clear but probably a bit soggy this afternoon at 16.00 as I collected Jane from the flower club meeting at the Braithwaite Institute.



*Note that Derwent-water is not hyphenated and is one word but the stupid profanity filter on this site recognises *wat and replaces it with "idiot" as in







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Thanks for all your tips.


Boss lady has had a look at Scotgate and it closed early November, but it's worth remembering for next season when Keswick gets too busy.


We've used Derwent Water (didn't know about the profanity filter and blamed my "idioter" on my lap top) loads in the past and were once advised by the site not to turn up, and had a good weekend anyway after we didn't take the advice.

There's a photo behind the reception office door, that shows the entire site under water, except for the office which is built on a mound - Don't think I'd like to be around when it's that bad, snorkel or not :-D


We are looking to return to Northumberland and agree there's a chance that the weather in the east may be a bit drier, fingers crossed.


Thanks again.

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I've been out this am to have a look because it's been pouring down all night and is forecast to continue for another 24 hours.


Keswick centre is flooded in parts as are many local roads. The fields between Keswick, Portinscale and Braithwaite are pretty well flooded with the Derwent bursting its banks over the Howrahs. At High Hill the water is about 18" below the wall and the bridge has now become full to the top of the arches, which means that it will back up even quicker and may overflow the wall again as it did in the 2005 flood.


In short, Keswick is best avoided for now.


Best Regards

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Its rock`n`roll night at Croft WMC if you fancy something more local. It is just south of Darlington.


I am a member of the wildcamping forum and we are having a meet there (about 5 vans). You will be entertained by "The Memphis Riders" who I am told are good. It is cheap beer and a very good atmosphere.

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Thanks for the update re the touring side of Scotgate, we will have a look at that but NOT this weekend.




Cheers for the comprehensive update, Just watching the NE & Cumbria local news and seeing what's coming in overnight, we're gonna give Cumbria a miss this time round.




Ran your offer past our 7 year old and as much as she enjoys a pint


:-D she refuses to listen to Rock 'n Roll. Thanks for the thought though.

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No we have not had a chance to try that site, but it has been recommended to me before and is on my list to visit.


I'm not normally a fair weather camper, however I've written off this weekend and we've accepted a last minute invite to a meal with friends.


I have started a new thread "Cumbria" in General Chat to follow off topic from this one.



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