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Insurance and Hiring


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Does anyone out there hire out their Motorhome either through a company or privately and actually inform their insurance company? I am new to motorhomes and have been told by 1 company that they are willing to hire out my M.H and give me £500/week sounds good to me a return on my investment and a way to cover costs. Only trouble is when I have informed any insurance company that has given me a quote nobody will accept this as a risk claiming conflict of interest type thing between 2 insurers when a claim is made. Some companies have actually contacted their underwriters and confirmed that the insurance would be invalid if the M.H was hired out. The only way I have found to legally do this and be covered by my insurance is to take out a motor traders policy which covers me to drive up to 1000 vehicles but costs £1,800 to cover both me & my partner. Anyone got any advice other than dont hire it out.
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Hi, I beleive that insurance policies for vehicles specifically exclude "for hire or reward" so you will need a specialist business type policy which will cover business use and any driver. Then dont forget that there is likely to be a tax liability and the probable need to make tax returns to revenue.


How do you guarantee that the vehicle wont go "walkabout", and check out the credentials of the hirer. What if it gets damaged, and you have the next hirer on your doorstep having to cancel his holiday.


I did such a thing once years ago with a caravan, and it come back damaged . So think very carefully, and personnally I wouldnt take the risk


Dont forget the need to clean and prepare for next customer as well. this takes time. Also, the agent you seem to be considering, gets his profit for no outlay, whereas you get the depreciation and all the hassle . Is £500 a time worth it.

Not for me!.



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