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Wing Mirror Change - HELP Please!!!


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I have an Peugeot Autosleeper Nuevo pre 2006 model and need to change the drivers wing mirror due to a break. I have the wing mirror and have undone the 3 retaining bolts. However I am struggling to find the wired connector. I've been told you should be able to remove the mirror and as you pull up the wiring from the door, this should reveal the connector (which looks a bit like one of the flat pin connectors you find on a PC circuit board.) The mirror comes off OK but the wire just will not pull up enough to get at the connector, it feels as if its fixed/jammed in the door. Please can anyone advise how I might remedy this without having to take half the door apart. I did contact my Peugeot dealer who advised I should just be able to pull up the wire from the door to get at the connector - thay will fit the mirror for me but want to charge me £45!!!





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I had a similar experience on my 2005 Fiat Ducato. The instructions from the dealer were the same, i.e. just pull the wire up.


I discovered that the wire had been tied to the wiring for the electric window switch and door speakers so was prevented from being pulled up to the mirror mounting.


Rather than take the door apart, if you have door speakers fitted, you should be able to access the wiring by removing the speaker cover and speaker. After that it simply a case of cutting the tie, unpluging the mirror wire and pulling through. It's helpful to attach a line to the plug being removed so you can attach it to the new wire/connector and pull it back to the connection.


Hope this helps, Peter


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