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I am in "search for another van mode", the current 6+ birth unit being a little too much for me and her indoors!!

In my searches I have noted a number of Avondale models...?

Has anyone any knowledge of Avondale?Know of any problems..in general??

I would be obliged for any comment or info on these vehicles. *-)

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Avondale was a well established UK caravan maker that built motorhomes from 2002 to 2006. These vehicles were conventionally constructed overcab designs using short wheelbase (Seaspirit) or medium wheelbase (Seascape) Fiat Ducato chassis and with a specification targeting the UK market (eg. having a large kitchen area with full size cooker, smallish water tanks, etc.)


The layout of the Seascape 5-LX introduced in early 2005 was unusual in having a 3-point belted, swivelling 'captain's chair' towards the front of the vehicle, with swivelling cab-seats and a small table that, as an ensemble, could be used for dining (also an L-shaped rear lounge). MMM published a report on the original Seascape in December 2003. MMM and Which Motorcaravan both reported on the Seascape 5-SLX in their March 2005 issues. WM also reported on the Seascape 5-FBX fixed-bed model in January 2005. Seaspirit won Caravan Club Design and Drive awards in 2003 and 2004.


Early Avondale motorhomes competed directly with Auto-Sleepers products and I believe an ex-A-S employee may have initially had his hand in their design. I distinctly remember inspecting an Avondale when they were first exhibited at the NEC show and remarking to my wife that it was "just a straight A-S rip-off". This comment was overheard by the exhibitor who was not greatly pleased!


My own view is that, if you had to choose between an Avondale and an equivalent Auto-Sleepers, then the Avondale would be equally well built but offer better value for money. However, as Avondale ceased trading in late-2008, it may now be difficult obtaining spares for their motorhomes (particularly bodywork parts) - it's something that you might want to explore before buying one.


There is an owners' club:



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Hi Derek,

I used the info you provided in my examination of the Avondale vehicle I "admired" Seascape" and my discussions with the sales guy involved. Again thanks.

I note you are listed as herefordshire..thats where I went to see the vehicle.

We [royal] lived in Mitcheldean for some time..so it was a pleasant return..the valleys..the scenery..the Yat..actually sorry to leave..but the vehicle in question had damp [sales said it was glue discolourisation]and was not like the vehicle that looked so nice on the internet.] I had actually seen the same vehicle in a private sale add the night before we travelled..and it was on sale £6K less than the dealer price??

We still like Avondale..still love Herefordshire..again..repetative..thanks for the info..to a reasonable Newbie


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