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Auto-Sleeper Official Clarification Re Ford Chassis

mike 202

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I have just received the following information in the December issue of

The Auto-Sleeper Owners' Club Newsletter. The author is Baz Wellard Chairman , Technical group & Webmaster. The following information is one good reason for belonging to an owners club.

It is a statement from the factory as follows and I quote:-


" We had no Ford product at the Show due to continuing discussions with Ford regarding final specifications; these are yet to be confirmed prior to placing chassis orders. At this time we cannot accept an order for a Ford product for 2010.


It would appear that to some, this statement meant we were no longer continuing with Ford as a base vehicle chasis supplier, in fact only this week we have taken delivery of a dozen Ford Transit models which were destined to be Duetto's, however as we feared the specification has changed and no longer matches the specification in the brochure, this will impact on our manufacturing to produce a standard Duetto as changes to the chassis will effect the internal conversion, hence our policy to establish what changes Ford have made to the chassis prior to placing orders"


At least this clarifies the situation and a member from the club has seen the 12 chassis mentioned by the Company, so it is not a PR statement.


Just love my Ford/AS - Took it out Yesterday for a Run.

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duetto owner - 2009-11-29 9:06 AM


we have a 2009 duetto may be one of the last ones. its a shame to stop such a good base vehicle.


I think that the A/S statement means that there will be a break in production of Ford based vehicles, not stopping for good.

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