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Calculating Tyre-pressure advice with spreadsheet


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I registered to this forum to react on a question about tyre-pressure.

Searching with Google for that term for the next reason.


Since 2007 I have been calculating tyre-pressure with use of the formula that the European Tyre- and car-manufacturers also use to determine the advice-pressures for cars. Got hold of a copy of that then.

First made an article on the Dutch camperforum for campers ( I had a camper then, now a caravan).

later worked it out for normal cars, and especialy learned myself Excell to make spreadsheets for it. The drive for making this was that when you chance tyre-specifications on your car , you wont get a good advice because the tyre-specialist does not know how to re-calculate it.

When I had the whole tyre-pressure story complete I began to translate the Spreadsheets to Englisch.


The one for caravans /Trailers is one you here can use.


In this map always take the newest version.

From this link you can also navigate my complete public map for more spreadsheets, also one for the car.


And if there are questions or you might find some bugs or wrong terms, let me know in this topic or a personal message.


And mind that you always stay responcible for using the right tyre-pressure yourselves. Though this is the savest calculation I can not be held responcible for miss-calculations. You could check the tyres after a longer drive and feel with your hand if the tyre-surface does not get to warm. but also you could feel the tyre-side-wall if it does not get to warm.

50 to 60 degrees celcius is a temperature the tires may have, and that feels pretty warm with hand, warmer then your body temperature

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