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Holiday in August


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Hi Everyone,


We are already thinking of next year and a trip to France.


Due to circumstances it looks like we may be forced to take the break in Mid August for 3 weeks.


I have been told France is very busy at this time.

What am I likely to face, will aires be full? etc


We normally do not use Campsites although we do like the French Passion facility





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Guest JudgeMental

Aires in coastal regions will be extremely busy and difficult to get on, aim for arriving early afternoon and having a backup plan. inland will be easier to find a spot


If you want to enjoy the south of France book a site in advance and have an enjoyable holiday. West of St Tropez is gridlock, thats why the French lock up and leave....... East much better. We always travel July/August due to work and kids and with forward planning have never had a problem. we tend to drive down overnight avoiding the worst of the rush.

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If you want to get to the south coast in August, the far West, from Beziers to the Spanish border may be less crowded than the rest, but still I echo the advice above, to arrive early at any aire you want to use, and have a backup plan. France Passion sites are less busy, but not as many are near the coast.


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