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headlamp beam changes for transit

duetto owner

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We plan to go abroad in our transit hightop. the problem is fixing the beam to the other side, a garage put some sticky ones on a car once and we could not get them off afterwards and remained on the car till sold.


Does the transit mk7 have any removable ones and are they easy to apply. clip on plastic covers that adjust the the beam would be handy


what do fellow transit drivers use

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I've got a pair of headlamp protectors from Formual 4x4


and I've stuck the beam-benders on those.

I used the "universal" type of benders that will work for LHD>RHD as well, so I could stick them on the inside of the covers by using them "wrong" way round - easier to clean, and less chance of coming unstuck. I can explain that better if you want - PM me!

I've now used these on four continental trips, with no problems.

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