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Here are just two of the very best - or not?




What is green and bounces around the garden?




A spring onion.






When parts from Japanese cars fall from the sky what does one say?




It's raining Datsun cogs.

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The title of this 'post' got my mind thinking ....


T’was the night before Christmas

But in t’Newell house

Peace wasn’t reigning

As Dave was a ‘grouse’


In his workshop that morning

He’d belted his head

And it weren’t Christmas carols

When it happened, he “said”!


By now he was nursing

A mighty red bump

Nurse Jacqui said ”No boozing”

His head going ‘thump, thump’


So this Christmas Eve

Dave just sat there a throbbing

Banned from his tipple

He felt almost like sobbing!


Sensing Dave’s sulking

Dex the dog was quite puzzled

So pottered to his ‘master

And his hand gently nuzzled


Dave looked at his buddy

Who’s soft eyes stared back

And his mood quickly lifted

Good old Dex had the knack


Of making his master

Feel happy again

Relaxed and contented

Even though Dex was to blame


‘Cause he’d spotted the cat

As it walked past the door

After which he went sprinting

Across the icy workshop floor


With paws sliding all over

His butt hit the jack

Which was holding the car

That gave Dave’s bonce a whack!


But Dave still loves Dex

Even when in the ‘grumps’

As Dave and old Dexter are

Each others favourite chumps!


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