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boom table 4 Auto-trail Wanted


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Hi Caljoe,

First look at Mondo's post on 28th October 2009 on this subject.

I purchased a boom arm table leg from Autotrail and found out later it was made by Surejust Ltd., and paid almost twice the price I could have bought it for buying direct. I was not happy with the clamp supplied by Autotrail and purchased a new clamp from Surejust the same as the one used to secure the table to the arm. Now a perfect and robust job. Give Matthew Battle a ring at Surejust on 01983 400464, Sandown Isle of Wight or e-mail him, matthew.battle@surejust.co.uk. The arm, two clamps, one for the table and the other to fix it to the furniture cost £57.50 including postage. The one from Autotrail with the inferior bracket cost me £95 including carriage.

Surejust do not do the table top but these can be purchased for around £40, I have seen them on various web sites. The one from Autotrail was £113.80 plus carraige. Look at their web site. Hope this helps.

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