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sites in the region of gibraltar

Geoff Tuckley

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Guest Tracker

Hi Geoff,


From memory there are quite a few sites along that part of the coast on and off the N340 so finding one should not be any great problem.


According to the ACSI book there are two sites at Conil de la Frontera which is on the N340 towards Cadiz an, according to the book, both are signed from the main road as you enter Conil and both are shown as 15 Euros a night for 2009 - dunno about 2010!


There are many suitable overnight parking areas all along the coast and all you need do is hug the coastline and look for other vans parked up if all you need is an overnight stop.


I too seem to recall seeing a site somewhere near La Linea but I can't place exactly where as we never use 'em.


There are several ACSI sites shown between Almeira and Malaga on or close to the N340 and a few more along the N323 from the coast towards Granada - all around the 13 to 15 Euro mark.


You can park up overnight for free on the big car park next to the customs and border point to Gibraltar and you will probably be in the company of several other vans if you do.


Water refill and loo emptying can be done at filling stations in the vicinity if you are desperate.


You can also park up as Casa Bernardo's on the N340 just to the West of and on the North side of N340 close to the junction with the A369. There is a 5 Euro charge but it is OK and a water tap was available last year - but being on the main road it may not be ideal as it is noisy and unless you are in a group potentially insecure.


Have a great time and wish we could join you - but Sodde's Law has conspired with Murphy's Law to throw up a few obstacles at the moment.


Happy New Year.

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Hi, Manu,

Will have a look at that. Never wildcamped and we are a bit wary about security issues but now may be the time to have a go if I can persuade the wife which will be difficult.

Weare staying behind a relatives house in Mojacar at the moment but our friends are on EL Cantal on the playa. the site is clean although in need of freshening up and the proprietor has been voted by the punters as the most miserable man on earth.



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Hi, Tracker,

Hate to tell you this but the wind and rain have gone and the sun is cracking the flagstones. Thanks for the advice from all of you, I find that there is always someone on here who has more experience than us.

Happy 2010 to you all.

We will sit down with the books and maps again and try to concoct a game plan. We are moving on on Monday next.

Thanks again



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We've been on the Camping Europa site at La Linea and it is quite nice. The pitches are laid out in a roughly horseshoe shape. The facilities are very clean and well maintained. It is part of a leisure complex so there is stuff to do for the athletic amongst us! It is about 200 mtres from a beach. You can get a bus into the town centre about 400 mtrs from the site entrance and then the walk into Gib. is about the same distance.


We have also parked overnight at Europa point and it is again fine. It is well lit, there are other vans and trucks there waiting to get to Gib the next day. The police patrol it regularly through the night looking for smugglers etc. Some people also stay overnight at the nearby Lidl/Carreforre supermarket car parks.


If you go onto Gib in your van get there early, that car parks at Morrisons and M&S fill up quickly. You can't stay overnight on Gib in your van, despite it being a UK protectorate. You have to sign a customs declaration to the effect that if you do stay after a certain time at night you are "importing" your van and will have to pay excise duty.


Also the Spanish border police seem attracted to Brit vans to look for fags etc.

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