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fiat ducato door locks


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I take it there is no latch or locking button on the inside, then you will probably have to remove the door trim should then be able to operate the mechanism.


I assume you laying up the vehicle & taking the battery out if so you could run a couple of cables out so you can connect a temporary external battery to allow you to lock it.

On the X250 it's easy to run cables into the battery box.



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mamark - 2010-01-23 1:05 PM



Can anyone tell me how I can lock the passenger and slidiing door (which have no key slot) on a ducato 2009 hi-top, when the engine battery has been removed making the central locking inoperative.


Does locking the driver's door with a key not also lock the passenger door?

Does locking the rear door with a key not also lock the sliding door.


Try these and let me know.



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Try this not sure it locks sliding door If you have disconnected your cab battery for any reason this is how to lock the passenger door

• Open the passenger cab door and locate the access hole, directly above the latch


• Using the ignition key, insert the metal key length into the hole, at a

downwards angle. Within the access hole (not visible) is a small plastic hook,

and the objective is to slot the key underneath the hook.

20th August 2008

• Using the key, lift the plastic hook within the access hole to an upward

position. A small “click” will be felt.

• Close the passenger the door, as normal. The door should then be locked, and

can only be opened for the inside, using the interior handle.


I have in the past connected a jump start battery to the jump start post in the engine compartment and it worked locked doors did the same to reopen Hope this is of help... Phil

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My wife (Jan) has come up with a better idea.

Before removing the battery, sit in the van and lock all doors with the button on the dash or your remote.

Open the driver's door, having released the bonnet catch before you do so.

Get out, remove the battery then lock the driver's door with the key.

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