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Which 8 man tent??

ali b

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Hello all. We are looking to buy an 8 birth tent, but despite much looking we can't find exactly what we are looking for. I am really hoping someone can suggest something to us.

What we want is a tunnel tent with big windows & a large central living space (320x320 at least) With 4 births at each end, one end must have either 2 separate rooms or 1 room that can be separated by a zip in divider - it must be a zip, not a hook up type. The other end needs to have a 4 birth area which can be divided, hook up type or zip. I'm sure this sounds really picky, but we are looking to buy a quality tent that will last us many years, so we figure we may as well try to get exactly what we want. Any suggestions would be VERY much appreciated. Cheers, Ali

P.S - Just thought of one more thing - the totally perfect tent for us would have (don't know what they are called) the type of pole structure that goes straight up for the walls & then curves over right near the top for the roof *-)

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;-) hi,the tent which i would use(and have one also)is the Gelert Meridian,although it does'nt have the zip divider,like you want,just the hook on type.the space in the centre is huge and the windows(front and back) can be folded up,with a fly screen in its place,in case we have a scorcher!!!!!! I think the poles you are asking about,are the metal type,which are all bent to shape,for the roof of the tent.i've got plastic/fibreglass type,are all the same size,so you can't mix them up.with the new Beyond range,you can get a canopy to match.hope this helps.
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Hello namesake.

The Vango Aspen range has steel poles. The poles are almost vertical for the tent walls which gives the huge advantage that you have standing room clearance wall to wall. The poles are very strong and makes the tent great in winds. The downside is the weight.

We have an Aspen 500 but I belive the 700 series has more berths.


Review here.


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Hi Ali,


The design you mention with the vertical poles at the sides is a 'Tunnel' tent.


Checkout a few of the leading manufactures websites for their latest models ie Outwell, Vango, Gelert, Sunncamp, Kampa, Khyam etc as they all have 8 berth models.


Here's a selection of links to their websites.........


















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We finally brought an Outwell Nebraska XL, for a good price on ebay, not quite the big windows we were hoping for, but a handy porch to make up for that. Very much looking forward to trying it out over Easter, thanks to those that helped me with this query. :-D XX
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