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Overtaking mirrors/new Fiat cab


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First of all thanks to those of you that answered my last question on this topic with so little info from myself.

Again I would like to know anybody that as had to replace an overtaking mirror on the latest Fiat motorhome cabs, either left or right, apparently there is a long and a short mirror, the short one being for the Dacato van.Mirrors have hook ups for indicator/heater/miror control and temp sensor.

If anybody has replaced a mirror ie the complete pod, I would like to know prices and availability.Thank you. :D :D

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list price is in the order of 250 quid for electric, and 130 for basic.

I have seen some variants for the ducato up at £350.

As far as I know these are not readily available in the aftermarket yet, maybe someone else knows who suppllies cheaper than dealer.

Availability from dealer should be sameday to 3 or 4 days.

If you need to buy from a dealer I suggest you compare prices from FIAT, Puegoet and Citroen dealers, there can be big differences.


If mirror is broken, can any parts be used to make the basic replacement one into what you need saving a fortune,

I just your glass is broken replacement glass is available cheaper than main dealers. (genuine parts)


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Hi Ronboy,

I replaced the drivers side on my AT Cheyenne 630 after an assault by white van man cutting a corner. The complete part heaters, servos etc was about £206 inc VAT from County Motors in Carlisle (24 hr delivery). According to the spares man there are about 24 variants on this part so you do need to get the part number off the broken unit (on the inside of the plate where it fastens to the van door) because some of the variants to not turn up on the spares search facility.

Can't remember the exact procedure but it's fairly obvious once you get started, you'll need several different sizes of torks (not sure I've spelled that right) bits. There was a previous thread around last July where some kind soul detailed all the procedure.

Hope this helps.

Mike P

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