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ken nugent

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I'm not having a go but if you want the right answer you need to ask the right question.


It would help if instead of heading a thread 'wanted', an indication of what was wanted - ie - 'Ducato handbook wanted'.


Anyone scrolling down the list of threads is more likley to open one that he or she might have some knowledge about and thus make a useful contribution more likely.


Just a thought?

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Brambles - 2010-01-31 4:52 PM


I have no idea what the Russek manuals are like, but expect they fine for guiding you through most routine service jobs and the technical data, Torque values etc.


They're exactly as you say Jon. For basic maintenance and torque values they're fine, the diagrams are low quality photocopies but they do the job. If you need more detailed info than this then you need to buy the official Fiat manual at about £300+.





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