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no 12 volt electics


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In summary was out at new year with the van and has mains hook up. One afternoon the step suddenly went in and we lost 12 v power. We could hear clicking noise behind fuse box for a wee while but could not get any power. anyway went to that night to hall came back and power back on.

Took van out friday night got to cl site and put step out and went in back of van put conrol panel on and step went in no power and ticking noise from behind fuse box also from step and behind fridge. it sounded like a relay or something was opening and closing all the time and heh contol panel was flashing with the voltage going up and down all the time.

after 10 minutes it just stopped and we had power again. step was back out pump working tv okay etc. then just after we went bed andnot using any power the step went back in again and we could the clicking noise again. i know through the night it was clicking off and on sometimes a couple of minutes sometimes only seconds.

in the morning no power so we went had a look round the town before heading back home. got back to van and power back on again.

it seems like a dodgey ciruit board or relay and almost as if it thinks you have turned on van ignition so its taken the step in etc but then something else is saying the ignition is not swicthed on so the step should be out.

the van we have is 20 month old swift ace capri.


any ideas would be grateful before go and see dealer.


dave :-(

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Hi Davos,


If still under warranty, and supplier is local, then take it back.


If a long journey is involved, talk to them about they agreeing to you taking it to a local trader, for quote etc, (I did this once and it worked, I paid the local trader, and my supplier refunded me on reciept of the traders invoice.)


Depending were you are in Shropshire, there is Dave Newell at Telford, Dave Newell Leisure Vehicle Services 01952 587702, or Moran Motorhome Services at Ludlow, sorry no tel no handy, but they are in the phone book.


hope this helps



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