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Which scooter/bike????

Mel B

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Hi Mel - the bugger is that 2nd hand bikes over here in Spain have generally been thrashed to death.....I mean REALLY thrashed to death.


I looked at a couple, but for the price the murderer (owner) was asking, he was having a bloody laugh.


For 2400 euros (about 2000 squids) including rack and top box, and matriculation (Spanish first road registration tax, which ain't cheap) at least I get a brand new bike with a no quibble Honda warranty for two years.

I can live with that if it gives trouble-free yippee-stylie scooting for the next few years.


And of course, as Kathy will tell ya, I'm just made of money........... :-(

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Mel B - 2010-01-30 7:08 PM

Has anyone got a bike/scooter which they can give us their views on, both good and bad, he doesn't want to buy a lemon!



I've got a 125cc Honda Innova. It only weighs 99Kg, will carry two adults

and is the modern version of the Honda Cub, biggest selling motorcycle of all time. Great little bike.

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