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Freezer problem!

Guest Lyn

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Hi,can anyone help please. Hubby & I have had our holiday home for 6 months. 2ce now the freezer has defrosted itself resulting in its contents being lost. Apparantley, if the temperature drops below 5 degrees C the freezer switches itself off. We use our lodge on a regular basis but are not their 24/7 and on these occasions the temp drop has interferred with the freezer. Its very irritating having to remember to check the weather & wondered if anyone knows of a freezer that won't have a nervous breakdown when it gets very cold. I've looked online but can't find the info I need. Any help would be welcome. Lyn
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Hi Lyn,

This problem is caused due to the controls on "most" fridge freezers.


They only control the fridge temperature, and are designed so the freezer is OK whenever the fridge is running.


When the temperature outside the fridge is low, the fridge doesn't need to run as it is already cold enough inside the fridge, this means the freezer will defrost.


What you need is a fridge freezer that is designed for outbuildings which has a different control system.


There a loads of them available, I did a quick search and found Beko do them, you can find them on the web site below, but there will be loads of others available, just google "fridge freezer for outbuildings"


Hope this helps,





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