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2002 Mercedes E240 2.6 auto


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i bought a 1988 auto-sleeper Talisman II last October, in the hopes of traveling etc.. but due to disabilities i am having trouble driving it. so decided to sell it and get a caravan, hopefully get one for approx £4,000.


my Question is to do with my car, i have a 2002 Mercedes E240 2.6 auto, if i was to put a towbar on it, is it a capable car for towing?

also interested in any advice on first time caravans?

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That will tow with ease - no problems at all!


As for first time caravans, it depends what you want size wise, and what you want from towing.


Twin axles are far more stable, and so long as you can reverse, present no problem in parking up. Single axles are not as stable, but are more widely preferred as they can be man handled easier with only one axle on the road. That really is the pay off!


You must also consider recovery - should the worst happen - the large single axle is a swine to load, and is more susceptible to loading damage.


Our first caravan was an avondale avocet twin axle, it was very light, and easil;y manouvred by hand despite being twin. The space inside was great for two - these being 'Luxury Two Berth'.


Some sites do not like twin axle, for fear of grass damage. It really is up to you to decide what you want, and how you want to use it.

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