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Never underestimate the power of a woman...


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Eleven people were hanging onto a rope that came down from a helicopter, ten men and one woman.

The rope was starting to fray so they all agreed that one person should let go because if they didn't the rope would break and everyone would die. No one could decide who should go so finally the woman gave a really touching speech, saying how she would give up her life to save theirs, because women were used to giving things up for their husbands and children, and that after all, men were the superior sex and must be saved.

When she finished speaking, all the men clapped.

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Apparently the government has brought out a new scrappage scheme.


You trade your old wife in and they will give you a new younger version....


It only costs everything you own,everything you earn and everything your likely to earn in the future.......


Plus a dvd of everything you just been through.............


Think it might catch on...... :D

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