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La strada trento


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It could be useful if you were able to say (roughly) what year of vehicle you are interested in. I THINK UK-destined Trentos were only built (for a quite short period of time) on a Ford Transit Mk 6 FWD long-wheelbase panel-van base with 125PS 2.0litre motor, but I wouldn't swear to that. I'd guess that very few Trentos were sold in the UK and I'm not aware that any magazine test-reported on that model.


Based on my own experience of a 2005 FWD Mk 6 Transit, there can be turbocharger-related problems with the 125PS motor and there's the dreaded tyre-valve-failure thing that Ford seems to be very coy about. I was never taken with the build quality and internal finish of La Strada's Ford-based Pronto and Trento models, but they were pretty cheap to buy.

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