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Autoroute 2010


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Anyone played with it ?


It has some nice features compared with 2007 or mapoint 2009.


Pushpin sets can be turned on and off.


Generally seems much quicker to redraw and calculate.


Its a large download, (about 2 gig) and free try for 60 days.




Now imports and exports .gpx files


Probably some things I still have to find out by trial and error (and advice )





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I'm using it at present.  I'm told by Microsoft that it is basically 2007 with revised mapping.  My earlier version was 2002, and it is not really much changed even from that - except that in 2002 I could enter my own average speeds based on my own experience, and now all one gets is slider bars that have no values and are based on unstated average speeds.  All I can say is that with all bars set to the extreme ends of the "slow" category, I'm getting approximately the same journey times for the van as with 2002 set to my own averages.  How the previously simple becomes complicated, when simplified!  :-)
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I also bought it after being very dissapointed with Memory Map's European Atlas.

I find it good so far for planning long journeys and hope it'll serve us well when (for us) the travelling season starts.

You can also clearly see which motorways are Toll in France.


Try the free trial, I did. See for yourself.

Goog luck


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I've also bought it with the GPS locator; which seems to work well; but haven't used either in anger yet ~ still playing around.


This is a good link to start to get a few pointers as to how to personalise ~ http://msautoroute.spaces.live.com/


It would be good if we users posted any particular tweaks or tricks that we learn or come across.






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