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You couldn't make it up..........

donna miller

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Taken from a police officer discussion forum, and posted by a serving officer who claims it is 100% authentic.




On a lighter note this conversation took place over the radio last week:-


PCSO -- Can I have a vehicle check on ABC123?


CONTROL ROOM --- That comes back to a blue Ford Focus


PCSO -- Sorry can you check that number again


CONTROL ROOM --- It's confirmed that it's a blue Ford Focus


PCSO -- In that case could you get an ordinary officer to join me because this is showing on a caravan.



I kid you not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





With my knowledge and contact with various PCSO's, I do not doubt for one minute that it's true. :D :D

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My son had a run in with a PCSO in Worthing and refused to accept a fine and possibly points on his licence despite a fair bit of bullying from the Court system.


It was in Worthing and he parked on an industrial site in Shoreham where the powers that be had placed so many yellow lines that all the businesses had complained that their customers had nowhere to park. So he parked on the verge so as not to obstruct the road or the pavement.


He came back to a ticket that said he was obstructing the footpath. So he took pics to prove that he wasn'tt and appealed. It went to court and the “evidence” against him produced by the PCSO was a google map of the area with a X placed where she said his car was parked!


This “X” was some distance from where he had actually parked, so he went back and took photos of the place indicated on the map. It was a raised piece of land with trees on it so not likely that his 306 would be able to scale such heights. Definately 4x4 required to scale that!


He attended court only to have it postponed on the day by the CPS as it seemed they were rather put out by his actually being there.


At the next hearing he had the pleasure of seeing the evidence against him thrown out and the magistrates admonishing the CSO for making up the evidence! I wonder how her career is going now? - perhaps not as badly as Commander Ali Dizaei’s but she must have got some flack over it.


Next thing was the Crown Prosecution Service stating that all this did not matter as he had provided photo evidence of parking on the verge which was an offence and so did he admit to a parking offence?


He said yes he did. To which the CPS clown jumped up and down with glee and said “So why are you pleading Not Guilty?”


“Because the ticket says ‘obstructing the footpath’ not parking on a yellow line” said my son.


At which point the magistrate said “Case dismissed” – and my son asked for and got all travelling expenses back after a bit of a hassle, but but did get them.


So from my experience having seen magistrates in action, I would say that we need to be aware of the very real problem of poorly trained PCSO’s who from what happend to my son, are happy to fabricate evidence and try to tuck the motorist up. Only because my son is like me and will fight stupidity and bullying when he sees it did it all fall apart for that PCSO.


Also at fault in this case are the Local Councils who put yellow lines down to produce revenue not free movement of traffic or parking and a Crown Prosecution Service that could not organise the proverbial in a brewery and to us seemed complicit in an obvious case of deception by a PCSO.




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